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Rootless and Restless to Powerful and Loving with David Jurasek – Act 1

David Jurasek joins me today to share his profound insights on navigating shame, embracing authenticity, and embarking on the transformative journey towards self-discovery. Through heartfelt anecdotes and candid reflections, David illuminates the importance of confronting his inner demons of shame and self-doubt, which ultimately aided him in cultivating more genuine connections with others. As we explore the depths of human experience, David leaves us with a powerful reminder: "I want to live in the truth now," beckoning us all to strip away what’s unimportant and doesn’t truly serve us in the pursuit of a genuine life.


INTEGRITY Therapy is run by David Jurasek, a father, husband, Sensei and Registered Psychotherapist (RP) with 25 years experience helping boys and men of all ages.