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Storytelling and a Night in the Drunk Tank with Christopher Maher – Act 1

Christopher Maher, a former Navy SEAL, author, and practitioner of traditional medicine, shares his harrowing journey from a tumultuous youth to finding resilience. He reflects on the challenges of his home life, his time in Kinderhaus—a group home that provided fleeting stability—and the transformative power of emotional self-reliance. Before wrapping up Act 1, he shares a story about how a night in jail sparked a soul-searching conversation with a mirror, forever changing his life.

At the age of 22, Christopher Lee Maher was a Navy SEAL, in his prime with a sleek 1.8% body fat and pound for pound, he was one of the fittest people on the planet. He was also completely unaware of the full impact that stress would eventually have on his physical, mental, energetic, and emotional wellbeing.

He trained all day long, at a level on par with professional athletes. In fact, after the SEALs, he began focusing on his dream of making it to the US Olympic trials, in track and field. A lack of awareness of the impact of high stored stress loads kept him from ever manifesting his dream.