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Truth, Determination, and Success with Don’Angelo Bivens – Act 1

Today I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Don’Angelo Bivens, delving into his fascinating upbringing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From navigating the challenges of poverty and discrimination to embracing his identity as a gay Black man, Don’Angelo's journey is nothing short of inspiring. He has this inspiring aura of resilience and self-acceptance, and throughout our conversation, he emphasized the importance of grounding oneself amidst life's chaos and seeking support from genuine, agenda-free sources. It was a much needed reminder that authenticity and self-discovery go hand in hand, leaving me with a newfound appreciation for the power of embracing one's true self.


Don’Angelo Bivens is a Certified Executive Coach, a Leadership Facilitator, and Speaker with a heart for humanity. While the bottom line in business is profit, how we attain that profit is key. 

Don’Angelo has both a deep understanding of what drives human behavior and the innate ability to produce results that are of great importance to leaders: meaningful, effective, and lasting solutions to obstacles that arise regularly. For this reason, Don’Angelo is highly sought after as a facilitator and coach who cuts through the noise.