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A Healing Journey Home with George Stoimenov – Act 1

George Stoimenov  shares the story of his youth in Bulgaria, where the beauty of the untamed wilds are enchanting. He speaks about some of the most impactful individuals in his life, from his father who had challenges with alcohol, intimacy, and love, to a preacher in Africa who saved him from the echoes of his past. George closes Act 1 with advice to new fathers on the topics of love, intimacy, and the importance of healing your inner child.

George Stoimenov is the facilitator and developer of 'Life Training for Men' — 'inner integration training' for men who want to improve the quality of their relationships — with others and with themselves.
This training is designed to enable men to tap into hidden inner resources within themselves and develop ways of channeling and embodying them in an all-encompassing, holistic, way — in the body as well as the mind; in the emotions as well as the spirit.

George also runs group retreats for organisations and men's groups.

He is the founder of Men's Corner — an online library for men which contains a fast-growing collection of knowledge for men, created with one objective in mind — men and their ability to live lives of purpose, integrity and meaning.
Since 2011, George Stoimenov has has worked with men from various backgrounds: he has provided coaching to business and charity directors, pastors and church leaders, community project managers and men's group leaders; he has also worked in a number of local organisations, supporting young offenders, substance-abuse victims, mental health patients and asylum seekers; he has worked with sex-offenders and people at risk from suicide.
He is a qualified coach and mentor, published writer, speaker and podcaster in the field of men's work, men's inner health and wellbeing.
Apart from his work in the UK, George has done work with men in Zambia, South Africa, and his native Bulgaria.
George Stoimenov and his family live in Eastbourne, East Sussex.
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