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Yes, There Really is a Monster Jam University – Bryce Kenny, Act 2

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming back Bryce Kenny, the Mohawk Warrior, and we dive right into discussions of purpose, resilience, and personal growth. Bryce shares his journey of overcoming challenges as a driver, reflecting on the pressures of performance and the importance of identity-driven goals. Through anecdotes and insights, Bryce emphasizes the distinction between pursuing happiness and finding purpose, urging us to uncover our passions and embrace resilience in the face of adversity. Before we wrap up our conversation, Bryce shares some sage words on the importance of turning suffering into meaning, inspiring us to discover our unique paths to fulfillment and how we can achieve positive impacts in our lives and communities.


Bryce Kenny is a professional Monster Jam driver as the Great Clips Mohawk Warrior. Since his 2016 debut, Bryce has earned multiple awards including the 2021 Outreach Award for his work helping those in need and making positive contributions to the community. He also set a Guinness World Record in 2021 for the fastest speed in a monster truck and was the first driver to hit triple mile per hour digits in the sport. In recent years, Bryce has become an inspirational speaker and travels the country speaking to audiences of all ages about finding the courage to chase your dreams and overcome fear. His newest book, Geared for Life (Dexterity, 2023), guides readers to become unstuck in life and shift into the next gear to make a lasting impact on the world. Bryce also participates in national conferences and corporate events through his sponsorship with the international hair salon chain, Great Clips. 

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