Hitting One Hundred

While I’m taking December off from new podcast production, I’m celebrating hitting episode 100 of Mojo for the Modern Man just a couple weeks ago!
It’s a cool milestone, particularly because, until a few years ago, I never imagined myself as a podcasting kind of person.
That I still have no idea what makes a podcast person a podcast person doesn’t seem to matter.  It was a thing that lived out there in the fog of the unknown.
Were I feeling slightly naughty, irresponsible, and childish, I’d point to my old friend and business coach, Laura, and say, “She made me do it!”
Which, of course, she did not.
She floated the podcast idea my way, but it was mine to fish out of the water or let bob on downstream.
I can’t deny that it’s been a mess of fun!
Even though I’m well-practiced at asking questions, I’ve learned (and continue to learn) more about interviewing than I could have ever dreamed.
Because it dropped the Tuesday before our Thanksgiving here in the USA, I included episode 100 as part of my celebration, worthy of a wee bit of extra stuffing and gravy.
We returned to a traditional, all-American menu this year, meaning I was pleasingly bathing my entire being in L-tryptophan.  You know, the turkey’s very own sleepy hangover.
Friday, as I lulled about in a state of fowl-induced fog, my brain free-associated off to the land of…
Hey, don’t judge the tryp in tryptophan.  Just go with it…
(And don’t bad vibe my experience with details like the actual science – blood flow and digestion and all that – behind feeling sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner!  This is my article.  I have boundaries, you know.)
Yes, Podcasting.
Mostly, a list of folks I’d love to interview.
And with that brief tale as context, below are just a few names that popped up during day-after dream time.  If you happen to know any of these fine folk, I’m happily and gratefully requesting introductions!  In no particular order:

  • Lewis Hamilton – 7-time World Champion Formula 1 driver and so much more

  • Arno Michaelis – former white supremacist and author of Life After Hate

  • Bruce Springsteen – The Boss.  Need I say more?

  • Adam Kinzinger – one of the few Republicans with the stones to stand up to the former president’s nonsense

  • Barack Obama – c’mon, do I really have to explain…?

  • Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi – reportedly lovely people who make amazing music

  • Jon Stewart – I mean, the man is brilliant

  • Mikaela Shiffrin – a rather fast skier who’s won at least a few – ahem – World Cup races (and a few reindeer, too)

  • Pete Buttigieg – smart, wise, heart-centered public servant who’s publicly out

  • Sam Collins – wildly relatable and fun Formula 1 tech whiz, guide, and commentator

Yeah, I know this is quite a mix.  I imagine they’d make for some wildly eclectic conversation if we could get everyone around a dinner table at the same time.
Again, the above is just a partial list.  I invited Danielle and Cai to come up with other names, and they had some great ideas!  Being in a collective post-Thanksgiving fog, none of us thought of writing them down.  (I take full responsibility for that missed step.)
I still have many weeks’ worth of interviews awaiting production.  Also, with all that’s going on behind the scenes with my message refinement and rebranding, there are yet-to-be revealed changes coming to the podcast and its visibility.
Meanwhile, the creative wheels keep spinning on the road to build a timely movement.  After all, thunders of integrated adult men aren’t going to pull together without some tending!
Oh, and while I’m taking my year-end podcast nap, here are this week’s recommendations for some fun “greatest hits” listening:

Edwin Vega and Kevin Elden