Start Doing This

Ever get a song stuck in your head?

Like annoying earworms, we also get ideas stuck in all that cranial space.  

Unchecked, they can morph into beliefs that become part of our worldview.

Ever wonder where all that stuff originated?

Being human, I’d venture that a lot of it comes from back when you were but a wee one.

Let’s face it, we’re fed mountains of information from the moment we’re born.

Even earlier.

I mean, I spent many happy hours talking and singing to my son through the walls of my pregnant wife’s expanding middle.

I hope it all sounded like comforting whale-song by the time my voice reached his tiny ears.  I wouldn’t want his developing mind confused by my bizarre musings. (I imagine him waking up at 3 AM, wondering “where did that idea come from?”)

Here’s the thing: by the time most of us were ready for kindergarten, we’d already been inundated with opinions and rules about what is and isn’t manly.

Don’t know about you, but I’m very uncomfortable with the notion that a 5-year-old kid picked up a script that I’m still following.

Because as children, we didn’t have the sophistication to sift through the flood of messages sent our way. The big people around us told us how the world worked, how to be real men, and we listened.

Much of what I heard was sub-optimal and limiting at best. At worst it was downright nasty.

After thousands of conversations with other men, I’ve seen how pervasive those messages are, how typical my experience was.

So common, in fact, that we dedicate serious time in the IAM program to shine light on the messages our inner child absorbed. We look at all that stuff in the company of our inner little boy, so we can, as adults, choose to keep what we want and toss the rest away.

It’s refreshing to clear space, and even better to witness the inner child unload all that baggage!

So please start doing this now. Otherwise, your inner child is running your life more than you know. IAM is for you if you’re ready to do the deep inner work. 


Much Love and Huggage,


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