A Really Short Article

As the title suggests, this is going to be brief!

Back in my painting days I made it a practice of hanging up a half dozen sheets of gesso-primed paper, putting down a stain and working back and forth between all of them until one grabbed my attention.

As a songwriter, I’ve done the same sort of thing – working back and forth between a few tunes at once.

It’s taken me longer to adopt that process to my weekly articles, and I’m slowly getting there.

In fact, this week I started five, then jumped over to this one because I was having a bear of a time finding traction with the others.  If I were to navigate the decision, it went something like this: “You can stress and make yourself crazy… or you can go in a different direction.”

Sure, crazy and stress had a strange, dramatic appeal to the angst-ridden artist still alive in me.  I love him, but I’ve learned not to give him the car keys.

In one of the pieces I started, I went looking for clever ways of talking about recent podcasts I appeared on…

Then it occurred to me that I could simply give you the links, say a blessed few words and, y’all being wise, competent folks, trust that you could take it from there.

I’m not sure if I’m being lazy, efficient, both, or something else entirely.

I’m going with the something else entirely.

Check out these fun guest spots I did recently, and let me know what you think!

Episode 104 of Dan Lappin’s Breaking Sales: Dan and I wrestle with pulling apart identity and achievement.  What you do is not the totality of who you are – and there’s more to you than last (or next) quarter’s numbers.

Episode 16 of Alexander Inchbald’s Insights from the Atelier: We dig into what it is that makes an Adult Man more than merely a grown-up dude.  Because Alexander and I are in one another’s company, we plunge into creativity, responsibility, and pull on myriad metaphysical strings.

Get To vs Have To with Ken Mossman on Josh Wilson’s Uncensored Advice for Men: Josh makes it a point to bring it with all of his guests… and so he did!  On this episode we play with the differences between what the culture teaches about responsibility – and how we get to be responsible as conscious adult men.  A fun romp, for sure!

And yes, we’ll see what comes of those other five article seeds I planted.