Wanted: Whole Men

Howdy Good Folks,

I’m keeping things short this week as my beloved and I are in our last few days of work heading into a much-anticipated baker’s dozen days at the Jersey Shore.

Friends tell us there’s a pod of dolphins looking forward to seeing us, so we’re pretty psyched!

I have a longer article addressing blame and victimhood, expanding on some of what I wrote about last week, in the queue for next Tuesday. It’s good, important stuff, IMHO…

Meanwhile, we’re just over a week away from the end of early registration for September’s IAMcohorts.

The first version rolled out in 2018. It worked, but it was clear that I had a tiger by the tail, and it needed a lot of expansion and refinement.

Five years and ten cohorts later, IAMhas grown to become a master’s level transformational men’s growth and development experience. It grew and changed because, in a culture addicted to adolescence, I’m determined to create cultures of men who live as conscious, present adults

Men who understand and embrace responsibility as a – no kidding – joyous privilege…

Men ready to face and take ownership of their shadows…

Men willing to lead with curiosity and vulnerability…

Men who own their innate personal power and use it for life-giving purposes…

Men who see a bigger picture and know they have a role to play in healing the present – and crafting the future…

I envision a world in which these men – whole men – share leadership of their organizations, communities, and at the highest levels in the halls of government around the globe… open-hearted, Integrated, Adult Men.

Here are just a few examples of what men who’ve been through IAMwalk away with:

· A stronger connection to their creativity – and a commitment to get into action and create something. From works of art to new businesses, and everything in between.

· Deeper, more satisfying relationships with spouses, partners, loved ones, people they work with.

· An increased willingness to face and work through conflict and discomfort.

· An appreciation for the full range of emotional experience – theirs and others’

· Relief and freedom from the burdensome weight of shame.

· A powerful experience of being in rich relationship with other men, and a sense of real belonging, without the need to earn, impress, or prove.

· Fun and enjoyment have made a comeback.

Here’s the thing – IAMis no bullshit, life-changing work. If any of the outcomes above speak to you, jump over to my website, register, and get this thing done now.

This isn’t our first rodeo. The September groups will be the 11th and 12th cohorts of a proven, kickass course for open-hearted men ready and willing to dive into the deep end of the pool.

And yes, of course I’m happy to answer your questions.

That said, even if IAMis just quietly whispering to you, pay attention and reach out now.

Daytime and evening cohorts launch on Wednesday morning, September 13 and Thursday evening, September 14, respectively.

Early registration, including $600 in savings, is open until August 23…

Don’t wait.

Much Love,