Whirlwinds and Finding Center

The past few weeks included a 1-year remembrance of my father, my sister’s 70th birthday celebration, family visits, 6 airplane flights, a roundtrip to Boston, a week in Iceland, a business retreat in Virginia Beach, a wedding outside Washington, DC, and a visit from dear friends…

Oh – and two concerts and a pair of rehearsals for an upcoming coffee house appearance.

Part of me is asking what I was thinking.

Another part of me has enjoyed the variety.

Another part is very happy to be home, delighted to know there are no airports or long drives in the immediate future.

These past weeks have been… a lot.

Like many others, I stopped travelling regularly for work when the pandemic hit.  A little over a year later I stepped (consciously) away from the gig that had me doing all that travel.

I make no secret out of the fact that I really like sleeping in my own bed.  Not because I don’t enjoy travel – I love it!  It’s simply that, at this point in my life, my preference is to be a tourist in the company of my Beloved, rather than a lone road warrior.

The good news?  Except for the biz retreat, Danielle and I were together.  Pretty sweet time.

Why am I telling you all this?

After all those years on the road for work, I’m having some refreshingly different travel experiences.

In both my individual client and IAM group work, we have a lot of conversation about responsibly living from our preferences.  While I give myself credit for doing a decent job of in this department, I’m finding that both traveling with my wife and being home add significant substance, warmth, and joy to the mix.  Not so bad, methinks.

Because so many preferences were in play, nutty as the recent whirlwind itinerary was, I was able to find center, peace, and fun – even with some nasty, persistent back spasms slowing my roll.

It was all a very good time.

Way back in the ‘80’s when I left my last job in the food industry, I swore I would never again cook for anyone I did not love.

I’ve kept my word.

Today I expand that vow to travel: If love ain’t part of the journey, I’m staying home, thank you very much.

This is going to be fun!

A Moment for Cool Media

I’m proud to be a featured guest on Dan Doty’s Fatherhood Unlocked podcast! 

Dan’s words: “In this heartwarming episode, Ken Mossman and I revel in the ineffable nature of a father’s love for their kid, the opportunities hiding in our failures, and the essential task of simply getting out of our children’s way. We pinpoint the willingness to be changed as an essential ingredient in successful fatherhood as it’s the very first step of doing The Work.”

Check out our conversation: Ken Mossman – Your child’s truth vs. your expectations.

And don’t miss this week’s episode of Mojo for the Modern Man with my guest, Tina Meyers, recovering attorney, brilliant leader, founder of the Warrior School for Women, and spiritual badass.  Tina rocks!

Listen here: Tina Meyers: The Law, Spiritual Callings, and Warrior School – Act 1