Wisdom from a Navy Seal

After a lifetime of high-speed ski crashes and other assorted bounces and bang-ups, a small flock of chickens seem to have come home to roost in the lower regions of my back.

A few showed up while I was on an amazing business retreat in Virginia Beach. After being home for a day, we turned around and headed to Iceland for a reconnaissance mission, getting the lay of the land before my October IAM retreat south of Selfoss.

It’ll be very, very good.

But shoot and blast! Those chickens are relentless, and a nasty round of low back stuff put a damper on last week’s more active Icelandic plans.

All of which, in the face of this week’s podcast episode, I’m finding a bit ironic.

I could write about it, but I think author, former Navy Seal, and somatic wizard Christopher Maher, does a much better job of telling his own story, including reflections on his brilliant work as founder of True Body Intelligence.

As Christopher says, “Just because you’re fit doesn’t mean you’re healthy.”

Provocative, ain’t it?

I’ll be back to my regular missives next week. Meanwhile, enjoy listening to Christopher in his second episode, Storytelling and a Night in the Drunk Tank with Christopher Maher – Act 2.

And just in case you haven’t heard it yet, I’d recommend starting with the first half: Storytelling and a Night in the Drunk Tank with Christopher Maher – Act 1.